I’m thinking about change…

It’s the buzz word of the year, change.  Our nation turned on its political axis for it, demanding significant, never-before-acceptable changes in the basic ways our country functions. In energy, insurance, finance, in health care and education, and in food, people are more open to change than ever before.

We’re owning our change, making more choices for yourselves, rather than delegating to other individuals or institutions. Not all of us love it, as change can be pretty damn scary, but some are coming to embrace it. I think we as a nation have come to understand that having to take charge of our change, rather than change itself, is inevitable. We’ve stopped blaming the diet-of-the-day for our weight, and are accepting the fact that we control what we eat.

I sense some changes coming for myself. Out of this mess we’re in are rising new areas of life. The green movement alone offers numerous avenues of change. The “slow food movement” is at the tip of what could be one of the most significant lifestyle changes of my generation.

So, I’m opening myself up to change. I will eagerly seek it and I will welcome it as it comes to me. I will be writing about the process here. I have no doubt it will be messy – change is anything but neat. But I will own it, it will be mine.

What about you? What does change offer you? Fear? Fortune? Fulfillment?

Kent McDonald is a Certified Personal Chef, living, working and changing in Phoenix, AZ. (c) All Rights Reserved, 2009

One thought on “I’m thinking about change…

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