Free Dinner Offer

I’m thinking stimulus…

I’m a Certified Personal Chef, and have been since 2001. I prepare healthy meals for busy people, for the elderly and for people who simply don’t like, or don’t know how, to cook.

As is the case for most of us, my business is down, so I’ve created my very own stimulus package. Become a client of mine, or refer someone to me who becomes a client of mine, and I will cook for you a 5 course dinner for two right on your own home. I normally charge $350 and up for such a dinner.

This is a limited time offer and some restrictions apply, and yes, you have to live in the Greater Phoenix, AZ area.

To learn more, send me an email right now, kent @ kentcooks dot com.

Kent McDonald is a Certified Personal Chef, living and working in Phoenix, AZ. (c) All Rights Reserved, 2009

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