Reasons Why You Need a Personal Chef

Let’s start with the most obvious reasons:

You need to eat healthy. Every day, not just now and then. For many, that’s much easier said than done. What to eat, where to get it, how to prepare it – too many demands on an already busy schedule.

You know popular diets don’t work. Even the “serial dieter” finally faces the ugly truth – plans, points and pills don’t add up to eating healthy. 

You don’t have time to cook, and certainly not enough time to prepare meals for the rest of the family and something different for you every night.  You could eat one of the “diet plan meals”, but that’s hardly home cooking.

A good Personal Chef will take the time to learn about you and your eating preferences, dietary goals and restrictions. He then designs menus that are specifically tailored to your diet and your palate. If you need to lower the fat, increase your protein intake, cut out the carbs, a Personal Chef does that while providing you with satisfying meals that taste great. 

Once you approve the menu, he takes it from there; he handles all shopping, cooking, clean up, and delivers meals ready for you and your freezer.

A Personal Chef helps take the pain out of dieting by easing your transition from a short-term solution to a new way of eating for life.

For more reasons why a Personal Chef might be right for you, visit my website,

Kent McDonald is a Certified Personal Chef, living and working in Phoenix, AZ. All rights reserved, 2011.

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