There’s beef…and then there’s Kobe

Most of us live in the world of “select”, “choice” and “prime”. Kobe beef exists on a different plane altogether – literally. This Japanese specialty, bred for higher fat content, amazing texture and incredible taste, is rated at a level not known to Americans. Literally.

Part lore and fable, mostly science and genetics, Kobe beef is becoming more available in US markets.  If you’re a beef fan, try Kobe beef.  Even a few bites.

Kobe Beef Tartar

Serves One

4 oz Kobe ground beef

1 anchovy, chopped fine

1T minced onion

1 egg yolk

1t olive oil

1t ketchup

1T chopped capers

Lemon wedges

Paprika, salt, fresh ground black pepper to taste

Roll the Kobe into a ball with your fingers; place in a shallow bowl or dish. Cover with egg yolk. Mix anchovy paste, onion, oil and seasonings to taste. Add ketchup if desired. Place the lemon wedges around the beef then top with capers and anchovy mixture. Serve with a shot of cold vodka and enjoy the eating experience.

Recipe courtesy

Local source of Kobe beef products:

Kent McDonald is a Certified Personal Chef, living and work ing in Phoenix, AZ. (c) All rights reserved, 2011.

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