So, Paula Deen has diabetes…

No real surprise here, given her love of butter, heavy cream and recipes that heavily rely on bacon…lots and lots of bacon. The bigger surprise is that a major slice of the population in this country also has, or will develop, diabetes. Those of us who are overweight, over 45, and inactive are statistically more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes.

Deen is quoted as saying she sat on this information while she tried to figure out “is my life fixing to change”. If she’s smart, the answer is “yes”.

As a Personal Chef, I’ve spent most of my time helping clients stay on one diet or another. Some succeed, some keep trying. For the more challenged, I move them to a diabetic diet. While oversimplifying some, such a diet is based on portion control and eating the right foods. Put another way, it’s a long-term solution brought on through behavior modification, not a case of weight loss through a short-term diet.

This is a typical, delicious diabetic dish I often serve to clients

Halibut with Herbs and Capers
Serves 4

1/4C onion, chopped
1/4C Italian parsley, fresh
1T cilantro
2t lemon zest, freshly grated
1T lemon juice, fresh
1T green olives, pitted, chopped
2t capers, drained, rinsed
1 garlic clove, peeled, minced
1/8t fresh ground pepper
2T olive oil
1lb. fresh Halibut, cut into 4, 4oz. portions

Preheat the oven to 450F.

Place onion, parsley, cilantro, lemon juice, olives, capers, garlic and pepper in a food processor. Pulse several times to chop. Add olive oil and process, scraping down sides of the bowl several times, until you have a pesto-like consistency. Coat the fish with the paste.

Coat a baking dish with cooking spray or a light coat of oil. Place fish on dish, spooning any extra pesto onto fish. Bake, uncovered, until fish is opaque, in the center, 15-30 minutes.

I often serve this with simple steamed green beans and cous cous with raisins.

Calories: 199, sat fat: 1, cholesterol: 36, protein: protein: 2

Recipe: courtesy “The EatingWell Diabetes Cookbook”

Kent McDonald is a Certified Personal Chef, living and working in Phoenix, Arizona. (c) All rights reserved, 2012

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