Fat-free potato chips. Seriously.

I read food blogs for the same reason you do…to see who’s cooking what. Cooking blogs, baking blogs, diet, paleo, raw, nutrition blogs – at some point in the day, most will generate a “boing” signal, announcing their arrival in my inbox. And I do read them, some eagerly, most not. Rarely does one stop me in my tracks.

Until yesterday. A fairly new blog to me showed up. I scrolled down some and was stopped by the headline “Quick, Easy and Fat-Free Potato Chips??????”.  Could it be?


7 Minute, Fat-Free, Insanely Good Potato Chips

A russet potato
A mandolin
A bowl of water
Paper towels
A microwave oven

Wash off your potato, towel dry. Set your mandolin blade to thin – potato-chip thin – and slice, putting the slices into the bowl of water. (This helps remove some of the starch and prevents discoloration).

Drain, then rinse and drain the slices thoroughly.

Remove the glass turntable from your microwave, wash it and dry it. Cover it completely chip2with a layer of paper towels.  Place the potato slices on the paper towels in a single layer, not touching each other. Gently towel dry. Then salt the slices to your liking.

Return the turntable to the microwave carefully, then cook the potato slices for 7 minutes on high. Using pot holders, carefully remove the turntable. Count slowly to 50 (trust me on this, ok?) then put one in your mouth and chew.

Try not to eat all of them in one sitting.

Recipe, courtesy Baby Lady @REMcooks.com
Photography, Quinn McDonald

Kent McDonald is a Certified Personal Chef, specializing in diabetic menus, living and working in Phoenix, AZ. (c) All Rights Reserved, 2013.

3 thoughts on “Fat-free potato chips. Seriously.

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  2. Hi, Kent. Thanks for the shoutout. This really is one of those things you won’t believe until you try it. Next time we do them I’m going to try a barbecue seasoning to see how that works. You should be able to season these chips anyway you like. 🙂 Just out of curiosity I let a few sit for 4 days and was amazed they still had flavor and crunch. Go figure.

  3. Rich.

    a) I’m amazed you had the strength to set some of the chips aside and not eat all of them on the spot, and b) pleased to hear they still had some crunch! This afternoon, I’m doing two new batches; one will get a Seasonall coating, the other is a sweet potato version. Stay tuned.

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