About Kent Cooks!

Kent McDonald is a Certified Personal Chef, living and working in the greater Phoenix area.  He specializes preparing healthy food for busy people, tailored to the palate and dietary objectives of each client. All opinions expressed in this blog are his, except where noted. Reader input is always encouraged.

11 thoughts on “About Kent Cooks!

  1. Hi Kent,
    Sorry you didn’t make the reunion but it did pique my interest when I saw your web/blog site. I tried your “Vegetable Chowder” tonight and it was WONDERFUL!! Good Job!! I will try your other recipes, soon.

    Take care, Ill keep reading your blog.


  2. Wow…talk about a name from the past! How are you? Sadly, I didn’t make the reunion either, but Mike Peirce told me it was a great experience. I’m glad you like the chowder-it’s one of the favorites around here. Drop by anytime!

  3. Kent,
    I didn’t know that you kept a food blog. My husband Mike has Diabetes II but largely ignores it. I’m going to try your Herb-Roasted Salmon recipe.

    Phyllis Finnemore

  4. Hi Kent,
    I tried your stuffed sole tonight and it was great. Both my wife and I have decided to drop a few pounds and your diabetic diet looks like a winner. We plan to try to follow it for the next couple of months. I’ll let you know how it works.
    If you ever get to Maine come by for lobster,

  5. Hi, Jan: Thanks so much for your comments and I’m glad you liked the recipe. My wife and I both have started eating the diet and slowly the behavior is modifying and the pounds are coming off, so think positive. And yes, you can count on me taking you up on your lobster offer the next time I get to the “Vacation State”. Sadly, Arizonans don’t know what to do with one!

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