Athletes Only

Whether you’re the athlete who works out twice a week or you’re preparing for the Olympics, getting the proper diet and nutrition are essential to your success. I can help you lose weight and keep it off, or help you gain that last 25 pounds of muscle you need to succeed. I’ll design menus that are right for your tastebuds and specifically targeted to your nutritional goals. In short, I can help you succeed.

2 thoughts on “Athletes Only

  1. I am a Type 2 Diabetic who has a problem keeping weight ON!!!! Miss one meal and I drop 1/2 lb. So most plans are catered to weight loss. I have bad eating habits as I work long hours and get home and snack on chips before dinner. Any help??? I looked at home delivery services but not designed for weight gain.Thanks

  2. Hi, Ron:

    You have to change your eating habits. Chips, etc., are out, as is pretty much any meal you get through a pass-thru window. 3 meals a day, plus the right snacks, will help you gain and keep weight, as will a regimen of exercise. From working with athletes in the past, I can tell you that if you make a plan to eat right, and stick to it, you’ll gain the healthy weight you seek and keep it on. Best of luck!

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